Jeannette Bunnik

Jeannette Bunnik

From a young age I was interested in the course of people’s lives. Why is one person happy and the other unhappy under the similar kind of circumstances? In addition the existence of other higher dimensions than the earthy one has always been an accepted fact for me.

After studying sociology for the helping professions, I went to train as a dance expression teacher at the Theatre School in Amsterdam. During my years as a dance teacher I was inspired by the longing to bring people more in contact with their essence through natural dance, rather than by external demonstration.

After that I counselled people for more than 20 years in my practice as professional spiritual therapist, using insights and methods derived from both the Buddhist tradition as well as modern western psychology. Very inspiring and joyful!

Meanwhile I continued my own further development. I followed many trainings and courses in the area of personal growth and healing. Each training delivered its own contribution to my personal and professional growth.

Until I came into contact with the Akashic Records. Then I knew I had found my path and that all that preceded it had lead me to this. I chose to follow a training as Akashic Reader with a certified teacher and to dedicate myself totally to guiding people in my practice through the Akashic Records.

All the knowledge and insights acquired previously provided a good foundation for this.

And although I had always loved my work, the contact with the Akashic Records is a great source of joy to me. There is an inexhaustible source of wisdom and love available to us through them. I would love to share all this with you!