My book was published in Dutch in September 2015. Until now there is no English translation of it, but I am open to suggestions! Its title would probably be: “The Light of the Soul and human suffering from the perspective of the Akashic Records”.
The Dutch book can be obtained from You can obtain a signed copy through me. Send me an email with your name and address using the contact form on this website.


Description of the book’s contents along with an introduction:

The best gift I ever received in my life is the contact with the Akashic Records. It brought me into connection with the Light of my Soul in such a pure and unprecedented manner. But prior to this was the worst that ever happened to me, in the form of being seriously ill for many years.

The Akashic Records have also been called the Library of the Soul. All the experiences and growth that a soul and all souls have been through during their lives are recorded in the Akasha. You will also find your soul’s deepest longings and intentions for this life there.

Development and growth occur through challenges and difficulties that arise on your life path.

This happened to me when I became ill. As spiritual guide and psychotherapist I was pretty used to the more painful sides of life. Yet during the many years that I was confined to my house the question arose in me: what is the value of this lengthy suffering? What does it contribute, to whom and to what?

My spiritual search for answers brought me finally to contact with the Akashic Records. It turned out that I had a natural talent to connect with the Records. During this contact I received answers to many questions about my own suffering as well as that of others. Thus I acquired a great richness of deep insights that threw new light on the background of negative experiences and mental or physical pain.

The Akashic Records consider who we are and the path we are on from the perspective of the soul. This perspective opens your eyes and widens your consciousness, so that an experience of inner fulfillment, peace and joy can be felt. The Akashic Records are also witness to a wisdom and love that sometimes goes beyond human comprehension.

I was given in depth information about the value of suffering, the development of the soul, the earthly reality and our connection to everything that is alive. I hope that through sharing this richness the path of others may be ‘lightened’, in both senses of the word. Insights can solve the suffering or make it more tolerable. But the most important is that these texts can deepen the connection with the Light of your Soul since therein lies the greatest joy and fulfillment that a human being can be given.