An Akashic Reading

A consultation is possible in English via Skype for people who live abroad.
During an Akashic consultation or Akashic Reading I make contact with your soul’s Library.
You can then ask the questions that are concerning you. I function as a kind of bridge between you and your Akashic Records.
They contain the exact information that can support you in your development at this moment and can help you on your path. They are completely attuned to you.
The broader perspective from which the answers come often provides you with whole new insights and a sense of liberation and fulfillment.
In terms of the number of consultations, sometimes one is sufficient, sometimes a few times during a shorter or longer period.
I make an audio recording of the reading for you and send you an mp3 by email. Of course you may make your own recording.
Listening to this recording afterwards has been found to be very valuable. You usually hear all sorts of new things. Making a written report of the recording for yourself brings even more depth.