Life is full of challenges, choices and opportunities.

Connecting with the wisdom of your soul can give you a wonderful sense of direction.

This kind of contact is made possible through the Akashic Records, otherwise known as the library of the soul.

Having worked for many years as a professional spiritual counsellor, psychotherapist and healer, this connection with our essence has become for me the most fruitful doorway to understanding and solving the problems and issues we meet on our life path.

And in addition this contact with our soul is a great source of joy and fulfillment!

My book was published in September 2015. Its title is: “the Light of the Soul on human suffering from the perspective of the Akashic Records”. It can be obtained from a bookshop or Bol.com. You may also order a signed copy through me. Click on the photo of the book for further information about its contents and how to order it.

On request I also give lectures and workshops about the Akashic Records.

Jeannette Bunnik